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Well, how to say this? I have two friends who got an Aftermath MP5 Broxa about 2 years ago.

It isn't their primary guns though.. One guy had problems with wires disconnecting from the motor. The other friend doesn't use it that much, got it for his gf.. But they used to play with cheapo Wal-Mart pump action guns.. So they figured this was good stuff.

But now that I brought a Classic Army to the table.. they've noticed 'somewhat' of a 'difference'; now they either want to change guns or upgrade.

Personal Experience
I've shot one, and was not impressed (compared to my Classic Army UMC).. trigger response is slow, ROF sucks, they have 50 more FPS than I do but cannot shoot nearly as far or as accurate as I do (and my gun has a shorter stock 6.08mm inner barrel), also they seem to jam frequently, often fire no bb's and then fire 2 bb's... Totally innacurate on auto-fire.. sheesh, they go all over the place!

To be honest, I think the price/value is great for someone kinda getting into Airsoft or someone on a tight budget. Other than that - from the small experience I have handling one - I was not impressed (after having shot a Classic Army anyways..).

Save your money and get something worth it and reliable/consistent. Not being able to predict a shot is horrible and reason enough. The Classifieds have many good Tokyo Marui MP5's for sale..

*and think that you'll have to paint the cheapo clear plastic.

*Take it from someone who's still new to Airsoft: do not even look at FPS! I've actually LEARNT that lesson first-hand. Cheap guns usually need to put the focus on 400+ FPS, simply because the rest isn't worth it (in most cases I've seen).

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