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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
tools for success

1. Job
2. pay off credit card
3. Save enough cash for 3 months of expenses
4. Save minimum 10% of all income forever
5. Save money for Ring-( not touching 3 and 4 above )
6. give ring to GF
7.Start saving for wedding And the potential divorce
8.stop being a chump and buying shit you can't afford
9.have lot's of friends with lot's of storage space and similar hobbies at times you can always say the guns are his
10.If she is the one she would be just as happy if you gave her a grenade pin instead of a traditional ring

AS Spending Regrets--- none yet... and I'm easily $25000 in
corrected and added some advice........I don't even want to know what I stand in airsoft spending now, the last time I did it it was 1997 and it was depressing as the amount equals to a brand new fully loaded M Tuned BMW 3 series and i was driving around in a riced up Toyota Supra Twin Turbo and the only thing I ever regret buying is those TOP M60 when they first came out
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