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Originally Posted by Schlyder View Post
unfortunately women are suckers for the 3 month salary marketing BS. The whole wedding marketing BS.
If you are getting married, plan on spending a fuckton of money, forever, or until you die.
It's funny, my cousin wants to elope but her boyfriend kind of wants a "traditional" wedding (in a church, with family, extended family, dinner, etc.).

Also I'm planning on buying a titanium ring (screw the diamonds... OK maybe with a small 1/2 ct. diamond). Titanium is awesome stuff, I mean they use it on spaceships so you know it has to be awesome material.

Anyways.... back on topic. I haven't made any purchases I regret but then again I haven't really spent that much on AS and I only spend what I can afford. The only regret I have is not having money to buy that Tourer V that I want but another $1000 or so is just like pissing in a lake, I actually need a real job to afford that Tourer V.
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