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most embarrassing moment? hmm, well it wasnt really that embarrassing for me, but had it been anyone else..

zombie game Oct 29th i believe. the one at TTAC. any who.. so me an red engi were just starting out, and we made our way down the main hall leading into the hospital (those who weren't there wont understand the layout) when we get flanked by two zombies, needless to say he went left i went right.. about a min later i hear him getting eaten, so i frantically search for the objective when this zombie lunges on me, followed by three more and... a recently zombified red engi, as i fall to the ground i (purposely mind you) start hollering out like a girl. it was a death sequence worthy of a machinima award.. it lasted all of 30 seconds. later in the waiting room people asked us "wheres the girl you were with?" i promptly bust out laughing and raised my hand.. i think i deserve an Academy Award for Best Actor
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