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Originally Posted by The Sandman View Post
what do you guys think(?)

If i downgrade the spring, it has a decent rof with a 9.6 and the downgrade spring should increase the rof slightly, also what power of spring should i swap it for to achieve 330 fps

the reason i chose the broxa is because i bought it new for only one hundred dollars

and i play mostly wood games so i cant justify buying a 300 dollar gun that im not going to use much.
If you are playing woods games with your buddies, your $100 broxa would be fine for you.

If you want to increase your ROF for CQB then yes, you will have to do someting about the spring. Unfortunately, I cant advise you on the exact spring you will need for your Broxa to get your desired ROF. Experimentation might be the key. Have you already taken the spring out? IF you take it to a reputable Airsoft shop, they can measure your curent spring dimensions and spring rate and then advise you one what spring you can purchase.
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