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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
You know, I have to agree here - for the most part.

I tend to order all my mags out of country for price. Even with shipping and eventual duties on my package (hit or miss - sometimes get charged, sometimes not), most gas mags are just a shitload cheaper buying them in country. There may be some exceptions, but I think as a rule, gas mags are horribly overpriced when buying in Canada.

I've never really understood the collossal markup on GBB mags in Canada when anyone can order them from abroad at 1/2 to 2/3 of the price (that's including shipping and duties). I find it hard to justify paying $50 + shipping for a mag in Canada when I can get the same one for (after exchange) about $24 + shipping (often, shipping quotes are quite similar). I just have to wait a couple of days longer to receive it when ordering out of country. I would gladly pay a Canadian source a premium to have the convenience of having it faster and to support a Canadian entrepreneur. However, there's no way I'm paying double for the same item. I already spend a fortune on airsoft as it is. Any savings, especially when the percentages are so substantial, are welcome.

I have bought mags in Canada when I've needed one quick or when my trusted foreign suppliers were out of stock, but I really try to avoid it. Don't get me wrong, I try to buy Canadian. I want to support our retailers and keep our airsoft business alive in Canada as much as possible. But in the end, I have a finite amount of money. If I can get double my mags for the same money, the foreign retailer will be getting my money.
I absolutely agree with you 100%... I NEVER buy magazines in country. It makes NO sence why they are overpriced. I remember when i had my KJW M4 GBBR and at the time, Canadian retailers were selling them for $75 + GST + shipping... well i said F that and i went and found them on an overseas website for $38 + the same ammount in shipping charges that would have been "in country" items...

For anything else... i support canadian retailers... just NEVER AEG or GBB magazines...

*EDIT*.. dammit i lost the game... thanks crunch...
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