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9mm plastic (not sure if its actually kydex or not) lined Pantac/G&P pouches fit KWA USP mags. I would guesstimate that the MK23 mags aren't much bigger... The G&P pouches fit a little looser than the Pantac ones, but they're still quite tight.

Hmm, doesn't look like Ehobby carries the Pantac ones. Pretty sure Flyye makes them, but I don't see them there, either.

Flyye/Pantac .45 plastic lined pouches fit SINGLE STACK mags, or at least, mags that are modeled after single stack .45's (WE/TM/WA/etc 1911's and such).

Can't say about the 5 mag pouch though.

I've got a whole bunch of these (more than I care to count): and I know they do fit MK23 mags.

Edit: G&P calls their hard pouch lining "FB", FYI.
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