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personally if the spring is the only thing you are going to change I would say go with an m90 spring, the aftermath hop ups units are crap as well so you might want to look for a replacement so you can use a normal aeb barrel

but yea m90 or m100 at most in those from my personal experience

Agreed with the M90. Replace the hopup, selector switch & selector lobe (I replace these a lot in my shop) and possibly the trigger switch.

Barrel is ok for CQB where long distance accuracy isn't really a factor, but don't expect much. The rest of the gun is ok at best. I see the Aftermath MP5 series a fair bit in my shop for a variety of issues, the above being the most common.

BUT, seriously, get AV'd or visit one of the site supporting retailers. There's way better out there for what you'd pay for a Broxa/Lycaon plus the upgrades. If you're a tweeker and don't mind spending the time and money needed, you can work wonders with a Broxa/Lycaon but there's way better platforms to start with that would be way cheaper in the long run.
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