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You'll get the same response from almost everyone:

1) Get AV'd, that opens up a lot of options for you and people will be much more helpful. Plus you'll be able to participate in bigger games.

2) Read the FAQ's in regards to rules of the forums and to get a better idea of how this site and airsoft in Canada work in general. Yes there are sections of the FAQ dealing with weapon selection and modification.

3) Don't try and buck the system, the rules are here for a reason. If you have the gun now and your under 18 your gonna catch crap from the larger community, unless you prove you are mature enough to handle it. Even then your age will work against you.

I know that doesn't answer your original question but it is important you understand the rules here. Airsoft in Canada is so well off partly because the largest community is also self-regulated. Don't be surprised if you aren't met with open arms because you have a gun without going through that regulation.

Hopefully this has been helpful, best of luck to you in entering the sport.

*edit* hopefully that helps. Easily found through the search engine.

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