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Originally Posted by Boris the Blade View Post
I see your point Latency, but why not spend a little more and get a lot more reliability? I think the OP is looking for a pistol for gaming.
I actually see where you're coming from too. Trust me if I could fit myself with Arc'teryx, MSR, OR, Breithaupt, and that kind of gear I would, but in terms of economy it might be wise to get slightly lower quality but for cheaper.

As for replacement parts, officially KWA does not offer support to KSC pistols however the parts should fit and you should be able to buy the parts needed off the KWA website. That said I have not used them yet, as well they're also the same OEM parts that broke in the first place so they're not upgrades, rather they're just replacement parts.

PS: Does anyone know if the KWA "Specwar" NS2 (Mk.23) slide catch will fit in a KSC Mk.23 "Old Version" (pre-2005)? I kind of need one since it got lost.
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