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KJW M9 Trigger Spring

Hello, im new to this forum and im not to sure where to post this but I am a noob so......

I own many airsoft guns but my KJW M9's trigger spring broke (when I pull the trigger it won't go back) Ive asked my local airsoft distributer what was the problem and it was the trigger spring.

The guy said he would order me one but its been 2 months now and he still hasn't gotten any in, so I really can't buy a new one as it cost me $250 all together with tax and I do not want to buy a new one for such a simple problem. But I can't seem to locate any for sale except for Airsoft GI who is charging $3 for the actual part but $20 for shipping. I often buy items on ebay and I know that it doesn't cost that much to ship a tiny part, it should cost like a buck or 2.

So as a result im stuck in a bad spot here so if anybody can help me out as to where I can purchase one of these that would be great!

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