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Originally Posted by optix View Post
where's my coffee? lol
lol... it's funny, when Kampfer did my AV I offered to buy him coffee and doughnut from Tim Hortons but he refused.

Anyways, OP if you want my opinion, get the TM if you're thinking of using it a lot otherwise something like a KSC/KWA or KJW will be fine. I'm rocking a KSC Glock 19 and couldn't be happier with it. I got it for a great price and it just works. I don't expect great performance from it but really it's just a "toy" to me since it takes up space as a backup.

EDIT: Also I'm a poor student, if I had the money I'd definitely get my hands on a TM and have it as a backup pistol but I can't justify the "price premium" on one especially since it's "just a backup" in my eyes and based on my feelings the KSC/KWA and KJW will do their job adequately for the right price. It's just like hiring a contractor. You could go with Company A, B or C. A is "the best" (TM or WA) but you also have to pay a price premium for them and do sometimes screw up because everyone is human right? (lets say 99.99% success rate with no screwups (ie. screwup only once ever 10,000 jobs)), Company B is good (KSC/KWA, KJW etc.), sometimes might screw up (99.9% success rate, screwups are maybe once every 1,000 jobs) but does their job at a fair price. Company C on the last hand is the cheapest of the cheap (I guess "Army" and clones and the like) and might screw up 2 times every 100 jobs (98% success rate). It's all about picking the right company for the job. If this is the house you're going to live in then yeah it's in your best interest to get the best, but if it's a secondary summer home then maybe in the interest of saving a could thousand dollars you go with Company B. If you're poor as shit then you shouldn't be renovating your house or getting a summer home but if you decide you need it but don't want to spend a lot of money on it and it's a "throwaway" summer cottage to you then go with company C.
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