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and oh yeah, I forgot about upgrading your own DPMS Panther guide...

Upgrades For Your DPMS Panther Arms A17 (M4)

* Red Dot Sight (Any with tactical rail mount on the sight itself)
* Holographic Sight (With tactical rail mount ont he sight itself)
* M4/M16 Magazines (Any would fit...But prefer Jing Gong Magazines)
* Sniper Scopes (Any with tactical rail mount on the scope itself)
* Bipod (Any with tactical mount on the bipod itself)
* Flashlight (Any with tactical rail mount on the flashlight itself)
* The RIS system (Please measure the distance between the screw holes before buying)
* Drum Magazines (Round Drums and the AMU AK47 Drum would fit)
* Foregrip (Any for AEG'S)
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Everyone needs a hobby.

Airsoft is still cheaper than cocaine and plus I dont wake up naked in the woods anym....actually no that still happens with airsoft.
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