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Originally Posted by Death Trooper View Post
Hey thanks for being the nice guy in this forum I now understand why this place is not good for airsofters like all the other youtuber says "airsoftcanada is only for flamers" I really appreciate that thank you very much, oh and keep flaming on! =) I dont care actually haha I have to agree with Jarek4 this forum is the worst forum ever =)! oh and Angry sniper dont have anything better to do instead of creating thread to start flaming sigh!
Everyone here is generally nice to noobs who READ THE FAQ and a FOLLOW THE RULES. I was a noob back then but I spent my time reading the FAQs and rules instead of posting stupid videos, asking stupid questions or threads regarding Airsoft in Canada. Look at me now? You're getting flamed because of your own immature behaviour and stupidity. Don't blame us, blame yourself.

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