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Hey thanks for being the nice guy in this forum I now understand why this place is not good for airsofters like all the other youtuber says "airsoftcanada is only for flamers" I really appreciate that thank you very much, oh and keep flaming on! =) I dont care actually haha I have to agree with Jarek4 this forum is the worst forum ever =)! oh and Angry sniper dont have anything better to do instead of creating thread to start flaming sigh!

what is this....i don't even...

I've long since learned that arguing with ignorant people is a complete waste of time. everyone has their own opinion and we choose to exercise our right to voice ours on your video.

With that attitude, I highly doubt you are going to get anywhere in the airsoft scene in Canada (or in life for that matter). I'd like to voice my defense against our so called "flaming" by asking you this.

1.) why bother posting videos if you can't accept criticism ?
2.) Is Youtube the bible of all airsoft now ?
3.) Your elementary level sarcasm offends me. At least make it clever.
4.) You're just proving why airsoft should mostly be kept 18+.
( With the exception of some mature minors, and yes I know some 18+ year olds act like they're two, but nothing can be done about that)

Anyways, sorry about the rant.

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Everyone needs a hobby.

Airsoft is still cheaper than cocaine and plus I dont wake up naked in the woods anym....actually no that still happens with airsoft.

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