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there is one thing that the haters of buyairsoft and the "legal" age haters is that the perception of airsoft in this country has got to change.

this sports life and death is going to be decided by scam journalists out to make money, politicians (out to seem tough on crime for votes) and the 99% of people in this country who just listen blindly to the government/news.

there is only one way to beat these people, and that is by getting this sport out there as what it is: good clean fun that is perfectly safe if one follows a few simple rules. you will never convince anyone in the long run that full legalization is a good idea by permenantly excluding any demographic on the grounds of "THESE PEOPLE WITH AIRSOFT ARE SO DANGEROUS AND STUPID THAT THEY SHOULD BE LEGISLATED OUT". for chrissakes, near as i can tell you guys have won out against near impossible odds by finally getting these things legal, so why are you now blindly telling people how dangerous it is?

is it so they can ban it again, or so you can go back to breaking the law for replacement parts and new toys?

parents can buy guns and pellet guns for their children for one reason: if you follow a few simple rules, both of the afore mentioned are quite safe for use by anybody. if airsoft can't be safe for everybody (especially responsible parents who vote and buy newspapers but not airsoft) then you guys are just going to have to keep shelling out big bucks for guns, and skulking around like criminals off the field.

the days of the government sending retailers to prison for their business practices seems to be over (knock on wood), quit acting like like the criminals you're not. if you got a problem playing with kids, then don't. if you got a problem with kids owning airsoft(video games, internet, rock music, skimpy cloths, etc) then dont buy it for your own. i say lets get mainstream respect the only way we can, by opening this sport to everyone, for the benifet of everyone.

the buyairsoft debate is a symptom of a much larger problem this sport faces. always remember, if buyairsoft wrecks the sport due to it's own policies, then they stand to lose a lot just like all of us. they may be in it for the money, but they will fight alongside all of you to keep that money coming in.
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