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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
It takes very little oil to lubricate an entire tank of propane. I calculate:

tank capacity: 465g
gas used per 1x TM Hicapa mag fill including overflow loss: 8g
total mags filled from one can = 465g / 8g =58 mags

at two drops per 10x mags: 12 drops per can

Whatever you do, do not inject large quantities of air into your tank. Purge your device with propane before using it to displace the 20% fraction of oxygen in air before pushing bubbles of air into your tank.

Be advised that there is no lifecycle data on propane valve sealing surfaces with direct exposure to silicone oil. If your tank valves should leak you could vent an entire tank slowly. Store your tanks outside in a ventilated area.
the propane guru has spoken.

Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
well I put about 1/8th of the bottle into the tank
1/8th of a bottle is quite a lot more than 12 drops!!

I would heed Carl's advise on the matter very strictly. He's done more experimenting and calculating than you could imagine. Something that appears to 'work' for you isn't always the correct, proper or safe way to do things. We all know you like to cut corners to achieve an end result sooner but there are somethings you should really take your time with before jumping ahead, especially since you came here asking for help!! If you aren't going to listen to recommendations, why bother posting? Think about it next time!
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