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You have no idea how much I want to finish my work on that project. It's on backburner until I can work out the financing to pay for the injection moulds. I get my moulds made here in Canada where my mould makers are within subpoena range. It would be very nerve wracking sending my hard won design data to a econo mould shoppe in China where my design data could go out to anybody. I have colleagues who have found themselves competing against duplicates of their own products when their mould maker made "backup" moulds that went into production in copyshops. Not my bag baby.
Lol. I was actually talking about this in Economic Geography yesterday. Why TNC's will tend to locate in markets such as W.Europe (and sometimes E.Europe since the fall of the Wall since they had a relatively highly skilled workforce with cheap labour) and take hits to their capital as "the cost of doing business" (higher wages, unionized, etc.) instead of producing for cheaper elsewhere. That's a simplified explanation but yeah the making "backups" (and "ghost shifts") and such does come into effect.
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