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Sportline rebrands and from what people were saying a few years ago the sportline series is crap. It was made to compete against cheap clones but the funny thing is that the cheap clones were still better for the price point.

I don't know about now but the cheap clones have made some strides in QC and stuff so I don't know where the CA Sportline stuff stands now.

Anyways, it's a waste of money IMO and even if it doesn't break (as *most* cheap clones do eventually (NB: Not all, sometimes you'll get a cherry but the lemon rate is higher than a "quality brand")) you'll "grow out of it" fast. It's just like buying a cheap POS $5 hockey stick for ice hockey, sure it might do it's job and not break after 1 or 10 or 100 slapshots but eventually you'll want a $20 one and then maybe if you play in "competitive rec leagues" you'll want a $100 stick with all the bells and whistles. See where I'm getting at? Basically don't waste your $5 on a cheap stick, wait and go straight for the $20 one and it'll be fine until you grow out of it and want to play competitively.

NB: There is no "pro league" or "competitive league" in airsoft, we just play for fun. It can get competitive in say milsim games and stuff but at the end of the day there are no "sponsored teams" and there are no trophies/cash prizes, etc. it's all for fun.

PS: The other Crosman that isn't that bad I believe it the CO2 Airmag"C11" or w/e. Those two are the only ones really worth the money.
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