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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
I still want a 40mm launchable nades
You have no idea how much I want to finish my work on that project. It's on backburner until I can work out the financing to pay for the injection moulds. I get my moulds made here in Canada where my mould makers are within subpoena range. It would be very nerve wracking sending my hard won design data to a econo mould shoppe in China where my design data could go out to anybody. I have colleagues who have found themselves competing against duplicates of their own products when their mould maker made "backup" moulds that went into production in copyshops. Not my bag baby.

I also like to spend much of my manufacturing dollars here in Canada and the US. It's not easy keeping prices down, but with careful shopping I find suppliers who are only a little more expensive than Chinese machine shops and I find it a lot easier to handle defective part issues. That being said, I do have a couple very good Chinese suppliers helping me out with certain specialized items. Anything I can't get machined in North America at a price that is competitive with China, I end up tooling up and machining in house. The bulk of our machined parts are CNC'd in house where we can closely monitor quality and make design tweaks rapidly. While our cost of machined parts is good, it takes a lot of patience to amortize a heavy capital equipment purchase.

The cost of acquisition of capital equipment like CNC equipment or custom moulds factors heavily on when I can work out the finances to launch a product with high incremental capital cost.

The biggest thing I want is effective Duster adapter. The current one always snap off the plastic white base and then you just destroy your can.
I got really frustrated with that in my early days of airsoft. Some years ago I made a hub which pressed onto the outer diameter of the crimped end of a can. The hub supported the adaptor to prevent the stem from getting snapped off.

Are other players interested in a doohickey to prevent stem snapping? I didn't think there was interest in such an item given the low usage of duster gas (hard to compete with propane) but maybe I'm wrong. How many of you guys use duster gas? Would you buy a $7 adaptor tip support?

Originally Posted by Dart View Post
yup I have, I own one. Its a $100 piece of plastic and metal on my desk now because after 3 times it leaked and shredded it self... really horrible product.
We do offer comprehensive product support. Shoot an email to: to arrange a RMA repair.

Manchovie did an incredible job on this opus work. It was an exhausting project that came together really well. I only wish we had our new site up to accompany this new video. We were supposed to do a big triple announcement with this video, a completely new site, and a product announcement (refill reservoir). Site is behind for some reason and the video got uploaded accidentally. We're still a small company, but if you have three people semi-independently working you get some funny hiccups. Myself, I'm only lightly involved as I'm eyeballs deep in technical crap. We just moved to a bigger shop to accommodate a new 5 tonne CNC mill. I'm starting another company making a non airsoft product. Location moves are really gruelling. We moved 15 tonnes of CNC equipment and I'm in the midst of wiring it all up (3ph 208v is scary sh*t). We've started levelling some of the machines.

If you want to make precision parts, you have to crank on these big screws to support the main casting so it's not twisted. Heavy machinery is so heavy that it will slightly twist when it sits on a floor that's not perfectly flat. You end up playing 6 dimensional battleship tweaking these 35mm diameter screws which push on cast iron feet to compensate for an inevitably crooked floor. After you get the damn thing levelled to within 0.0002"/ft (angular specification) you let it sit for a day and check it again because the floor will settle under the new load. You adjust and check again in a week, then a month. Then every year, you check the levelling. Big crap like this is an infrastructure investment. I don't really live in a plug and play world... [/gripe]
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