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Being a milsim/scenario geek I got into paintball (written off airsoft, having only seen clearsoft) spent over 2 years trying to put together a stable team to no avail (played CSPPL and organized a 200 body scenario game in the fall for the last 4 years too)

within weeks of getting introduced to Airsoft by ArmyIssue (bought my son's Cadet boots there) I had a gun, found a team and had played 2 games on my private field.

I have no use for TV sports (go support little league instead) and contempt for "euphemisms" (saying darn instead of damn/f**k etc.) the basis of all sport is ritualized combat, following that line, I'd rather "play" combat that some abstracted form of it.
plus the guns are a hell of a lot cooler than paintball :-P
Airsoft FTW \m/
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