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So, I suppose my original interest in buying one of these about 2 years ago is invalid.

I did my research, I read the threads on this forum regarding this gun, I read what people that have handled the gun has had to say about it. And my conclusion is that it is not worth it in the long run. The gun is prone to problems and like many clones available, there are always a few in the masses that actually manage to preform alright without fucking up. Personally, I don't like taking any chances with quality.

You do not need to own or physically 'experience' a certain gun to have a 100% valid opinion on it as you seem to be getting off here. And its kinda funny, people seem to get pretty butthurt when someone actually takes the initiative to help another along and give them the option of buying something better for the buck, or at least persuading them to save their money for something more worthwhile in the future.

I mean hell, I'm getting my information from individuals that have had issues, 'experienced' the gun and whatever. So passing on that information is wrong? If you want I can totally scour this site for problematic posts and link them right here for you.

For example, almost everyone in this thread has at least mentioned one or two rather nasty issues with this weapon that can render it ungamable. Breaking body pins, trigger not working, breaking selector switch, etc. Do you honestly want to recommend something like this to somebody looking in to getting a new gun? Do you really want to send them off to buy a piece of shit that will be more of a money sink than necessary?

Well sure, go ahead. Once I find a post by Mansopoor asking how to fix (X issue) with his cybergun 552, I'll know exactly who to look to.

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