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Originally Posted by SlippGun View Post
If I may reply to this also I'd just like to add something.

Airsoft may be a sport that is directed at an adult audience, but just because of what it is, minors will want to join in on it. Saying minors shouldn't be in airsoft is like saying minors shouldn't use bb guns.

Without some teaching it is dangerous, but with some openess, teaching and encouragement from the community, the transition could be made to have a more lively young community. Look at the UK, while not a lot of minors playing, there still is the few who have been accepted.

Heck, I was a minor myself who was interested in airsoft. I found out about airsoft when I was 12, and knew I couldn't go to the venue where you could play till I was 16.

What is airsoft if it isn't about responsiblity? That is what one of the core aspects of airsoft, responsiblity and accountibility. How else would the Honour System work if you didn't give people a little leeway to make their own responsible decision to call Hit.

With these new G&G guns, you are giving them that. If people want to play at your site, they play by YOUR rules, your speeds. If not, well they better figure out a way to get their gun so that it can play there. And I think G&G did a very smart thing by giving the lower M100 spring as well as the M140 spring.

Or heck, even go out and get a spring that is between the two if you want something that is more powerful than the M100, but less than the M140 so you can actually play with it.

With the price tag attached to these guns, someone buying it will definitely be considering the sport first. Because, really, what is the first thing that all new players ask? - "oh, what is the best cheep gun i can get?"

Something that you guys might also want to be mindful of is the stereotyping of new players. Heck, if you read just this thread, you'd think that the established airsoft community didn't want anymore players.

Would you have wanted to get into airsoft if all you could find on it (for the most part) was "older" (sometimes just 18yr olds) players immediately bashing any new person who asked an honest question? Who was trying to pick the brains of the smarter people if you will.

Just looking at these guns, I am very excited for them. While they are obviously very hot, having them in the overt Canadian market just means something pretty close to monumental. Here is a sport that is a simulation of war, using guns, in Canadian, the freakout gun control country.

Just the two cents from a former minor airsofter who started his own little responsible airsofting group.
THANKYOU, agreed completly
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