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Originally Posted by Master Chief View Post
Well Ive narrowed down my choices to 2 rifles

AEG: G&G M4 Carbine Max

I've always loved both of these guns I just can't afford the SCAR's AEG counterpart(least what I've found so far)

And Tokyo, Agreed, discipline overules all I guess I just wasn't sure how to approach the topic because Ive read reviews on GBBR's and that seemed to be a common point that was addressed, also I had no idea there was low cap mags for AEG's...I fail lol.
I suggest not getting the WE SCAR, while this is not universal most of them I have sold have had problems very quicky. While the later versions of this model seem to do better I find that they still generally have more issues that other models. If you like the the SCAR many companies make an AEG version of it.
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