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My vote goes in the AEG hat.

However, are we talking about GBB? as in a pistol or a are you talking about a GBBR as in a rifle?

Your point that a GBB can prevent spray and pray is interesting, I would like to counter that a good player does not have to rely on something like this as they have the discipline to not BB hose the area. Why give yourself braces when you dont have crooked teeth? Sometimes, despite how good a player dont bring a knife to a gun fight.

If you enjoy the realism of realistic loading capacity you can load your AEG magazines to that of real life capacity as well.

Ultimately before you even begin to decide between AEG or GBB is you should figure out which make and model of gun you wish to have. As it stands AEGs pretty much come in every flavour while GBB pistols come in many models as well. GBBRs come only in a handful of models at this time but are quickly growing.


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