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new guy, into tac-com

hey guys, new to airsoft, though ive been doing tac-com stuff for a while, para-military martial arts and whatnot. anyways been bored lately so ive taken to making tactical armour, starting with a mask i made, working on some more armour plating for the arms, legs, etc, maybe it takes a little bit of the fun out but i always figured thats part of the tactical side of things.

either way heres a vid of the mask i made to start with.

YouTube - Army Of Two Mask

as far as guns ive got a dpms panther arms m4, a crossman ak74 spetznaz, a crossman single shot pistol and a colt pistol (peice of JUNK haha)

as far as REAL guns go ive got a ruger .22 semi auto pistol a .303 british army field issue Lee Enfield circa 1941, and a few shotguns that arent really all that special except ones a semi-auto (and i like it.)
- armor takes the fun out of airsoft. well, not for the person wearing it... -
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