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Originally Posted by tygr701 View Post
I know it's next update is suppose to be the out for delivery one but the problem isn't that it's suppose to be delivered here 6 days ago with expedited shipping. Stop sticking up for the lazy asses at Canada post and their screw ups without sufficient updates.
You realize that they may be understaffed?? Last time I talked to my uncle who works at the Mississauga CP plant, he was telling us how they are understaffed there.

You try being one man handling hundreds and hundreds of parcels and mail everyday without one screw up. Ya hard to do I'd think.

If you want your mail on time and quickly, get Priority! Problem solved. Expedited is too much like Reg shipping as it is only a couple bucks more so more people use that option more often now. Hence causing a congestion with all the mail. May be I am the only one to have noticed this though.
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