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Well its finally here!

This is just my first impressions of the gun out of the box. I will do a more in depth technical review in the very near future.


Alright first off this gun is built like anything russian. Its tough! The metal is not cheap quality other than one little part and I will get back to that. The wood very nice. At the butt its about 1/4 inch thick at its thinnest. The butt plate is an alright metal how ever the little door that you open up to open the butt plate is thin and bends easily. Just be carefull when flipping it open or closed. I will add some pictures later on this part.

The body and reciever of the gun are made out of nice stamped metal that is 1/8inch thick at its thinnest and is nicely finished. The bolt *for the electric blow back* is actually pretty heavy and does give a nice little kick to the gun. Plus adds some nice noise to it as well. Sites are nice metal and so is the trigger, sling mount, and trigger guard. The selector is odd but is metal as well.

This thing is heavy for an airsoft SMG. Weighing in at 6.4lbs with out the mag and battery its defiantly no p90. How ever its not uncomfortable heavy and is defiantly nicely weighted. The drum mag acts as a front grip or if you have longer arms you can put your hand around the barrel or shorter arms just infront of the trigger.

holy accurate batman! Gun came with a tag on it saying 111.80m/s which is roughly 380fps. The screw on the adjustable FPS did have some room to move in but I have not fired it with this all the way in yet.

So from the factor we loaded it up with some .3's *by accident* and went to town on a tree a good distance away. Every single round hit the trunk no problem. This tree was probably about 2 feet wide. Again at this point I have yet to game it so I can not comment on in game performance.

Some nifty features.
One cool thing is the ability to decock your piston. By pulling the charging handle all the way back even on a half cocked piston it will release it. Very much like the decocking button on a fa-mas.
Another cool feature is the massive battery compartment. Right now I am running a 7.4v lipo because that is what came with it. This leaves room in the stock for a tool kit or maybe a muffin. How ever a nunchuck or a mini *obviously* will easily fit in there. A large battery will not as the stock is just too short for that. About an inch will stick out on a 9.6v large.
The ability to shot gun this has been mentioned many times before as a nice feature which it is. It allows you access to the barrel, hop up, and the top of the mechbox. MAKE SURE MAKE SURE MAKE SURE YOU LOCK THE BOLT!

Anyways I will keep updating this as things go along. So far I am madly inlove with it. If you guys would like any specific info let me know or any pics for comparison.

Hop up kinda damaged.
Ok from shot gunning the PPSH it seems the rubber has gotten a bit damage. It shouldn't effect anything though because its just on the outside of the rubber and how the nozzle actually goes in it seals on a different part. It looks like this was probably just excess sticking out thats getting torn.

Heres some teaser pics. I will organize them when I wake up and find my better camera. Just Cellphone pics for now.

Comparing to the p90 for size its smaller than I thought it would be.

in all its drum mag glory!

Shot gunned

Down the sites

The lipo that it came with.

Some horrible engrish *line 3*

Lots of room in there.

Even with the battery in. No the battery does not move around as it fits nicely in the hole that the wires come through.

See the clear part thats got some pieces missing? its a really weird feed system.

Lots of metal moving to give you a nice bit of a blowback and clickity clack

P.S Don't ask who I bought it from please. The retailer is by invite only and if you need to ask who it is your not on the list.

Nov 14th
So I took her out gaming today. And all I have to say is wow. Just wow. This thing shoots so damn straight and far! its clocked at 380fps and it outshoots my damn VSR. Its so Consistent and the range... If anyone has ever played at hardcorps field in Pen I was putting shots from the hillside onto the creek fence line. I literally took out 80% of there team. The ROF is not bad with the small Lipo, nothing insane but I would not want more as I zipped through a drum and a half today!

I did have one small malfunction and it has to do with that clear rubber part. A little bit of rubber broke off and jammed the BB there for jamming the gun. I was able to clear it on the field by turning the hop up off and using a stick to push the BB's through. I think some surgery may be needed. Other than that ... I am inlove! I actually put my VSR down today because I was out of range and ended up getting the kill with the PPSH.

As for CQB its peerless. The massive drum the short gun its so easy to maneuverer. The sites are perfect and it fires right on them. I did find running .28g BB's to give awesome results as well.

This thing was worth every single penny. Got ALOT of compliments on it and everyone that shot it didn't want to give it back.

MY ONLY gripe is I didn't have a sling yet for it and 7lbs of gun on the wrist can get taxing.

If you have a chance to get a Ares PPSH don't think twice just buy it! You won't regret it.

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