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Just to help out there are no counties in BC, and yes speak to the local RCMP it will save you a lot of grief down the road.

If it is crown land you done before you start, with out actual proven bio-bb's, you are not allowed permanent structures. So no fencing or netting. Unless you are in a lease situation.

You need privately owned, that you either lease or buy.

This is not a simple lets setup a field someplace deal. The 2 successful fields on the coast are Panther paintball, and Bigfoot Games. Bigfoot is privately owned so no he has no additional outlay. And Panther is a long time paintball field.

By the asking these questions on what is basically an Ontario forum is really a waste of time. No offense to this board, but the rules and entire provincial setup is radically different.

Go talk to the city of Kelowna and describe what you are doing. Compare it to paintball because they will understand that. Generally start at the business license end and they will direct you from there.
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