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Take a scale aerial photo or topographic map of the area. Plan out on it: entrance, parking, staging/registration, washrooms, etc.
It needs to flow well, be smartly laid out and be well protected with netting at least 30 feet high. If a road runs along a part of the field, then high netting well back from the road needs to be factored in.
If you don't have a solid, cohesive plan that covers every aspect, you increase the risk of being turned down.
Another good idea is talking to your prospective neighbors to not only let them know what you're planning, but to address any issues they think they have. Getting your neighbors on your side is a huge help.
I'm currently consulting for a prospective new paintball/airsoft field. We're just over 7 months into the process and we are still 2 months away from council meetings let alone approval. In that time we've applied for zoning and usage changes, applied for all the necessary business licenses and paperwork, had environmental studies done, spoken to all of the neighbors in a 5km radius of the field, drawn up 8 variations of site plans, 3 differing business plans....
see where it gets expensive quick? lol (and i'm just consulting.. this won't even be my business when it opens)
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