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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Business and operating costs?

Insurance? Sure they may seem like cool people who won't sue but there's always that chance......

Other safety aspects? Demarcation of field boundaries? Fencing off unsafe areas? Basically making your field as idiot proof as possible.

A host of other considerations as to local residents and business zoning. Believe it or not it's actually not some useless bureaucratic BS that makes people feel important, there are lots of considerations here before they'll grant the zoning type change.

ie. You want to build an airport? Well what kind of environmental impact assessment do you have? Noise abatement policies? What other industries are nearby? Residents who might complain? What kind of aircraft are you going to be serving? etc.
I could set it up so there are a couple of minor structures, I stated that I would add some kind of fence, try to fix any potential dangers, if I can't block them off. and possibly have gates so people can walk through but lock them when the feild is in use; however other than that it will be fairly unchanged from its previous use. I would need to look into insurance when I get there.
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