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legalities of owning an airsoft feild

just thinking about all the feilds out in ontario, I was thinking about what is needed to own and run an airsoft feild in BC? this is probably a few years from now.
my thoughts right now are to
- buy some forrested land
- put up some kind of fence
- have a semi larked road to the parking/prep zone
- have signs on any noticable walking paths going near it stating "this is private property, military simulations are held here enter at your own risk"
- get in contact with the police that this is an airsoft feild and that any reports of weapons in this area can be ignored.

please provide criticism and/or advice on this. also yes I am over 18, but I have not gotten in contact with any AVers yet.

EDIT: I did do a quick search, but did not find anything.
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