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Lubricant - Wynns Silicone Lubricant Slick n Shine

Hey all,

I am new on here and new to airsoft. I'm having a hard time finding silicone lubricant for my airsoft gun maintenance...most Canadian online stores are sold out, and the ones that arent only have the small bottles of silicone lub. I am looking for an aerosol spray.

I've done alot of reading, and the one big thing that i have found is the lubricant CANNOT have petroleum based products (Petrolium Distillates). So I have searched everywhere...and came across one that seems to fit the bill, and wanted some input from all of you.


From back of can;

LUBRICATES sliding doors, sliding windows, curtain rods, drawers, hinges, locks, zippers, knitting and sewing machines.

WATERPROOFS electrical systems.

PROTECTS chrome, brass, aluminum, leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, guns, fishing tackle, sports equipment, tools, footwear, tire sidewalls, and numerous automotive applications.

FIRST AID TREATMENT Contains heptane, isobutane and propane. If swallowed, call poison control centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting ........

I checked the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product, and the Hazardous contains are the same as listed under first aid treatment. No sign of Petroleum products.

This was the only comment of issue with other substances;
IF SO, WHICH ONES?............................................. ...........ACTIVE METALS, STRONG OXIDIZERS.

The Material Safety Data link for this product is;

I Apologize for so much info, however I thought if I included everything, it would be much easier to provide an accurate response and opinion.
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