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Originally Posted by VooDooPeteK View Post
You don't need to be verified really but it helps so you have access to more and better guns other then what is available on the sites you will find through google.

Also with paintball the guns really don't look like replicas where as in airsoft they are replicas.
iam still very interested in get verified
do you know what it takes to become an age verifier after i get age verified
or can i do both at the same time get my age verified and be verified to verifier player age theres no one in the west kootenays to verify players

Originally Posted by Gunny_McSmith View Post
It's all in the FAQ, but yeah, basically, airsoft is a in a grey area of the law, and with all those Call of duty kids out there that just want a gun to go play in the streets with there friends (which is potentially dangerous for the security of the public, and for this sport's reputation) the age verification system will prevent them from buying most of the guns...

Paintball has been around for a longer time, and it doesnt really look like a real gun = you couldnt rob a bank with one... ppl would laugh at you... btu with an airsoft gun, they look really real, and could be also used in criminal situations....
i just thought i would ask before i went searching in th faq seeing that you have bin helpful
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