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Originally Posted by Gunny_McSmith View Post
To answer your question, do not buy from, it's like giving your money to someone on the'll NEVER get your item from them...
Buyairsoft is known to have a better reputation now, but you could indeed find slightly better deals here on the forum....
There's also Capitalairsoft, Velocityarms, and chix airsoft which are also good retailers....
PS: To the other flaming forum vets, C'mon guys, this is Canada, a free and capitalism country, he has the right to shop where he wants....
PPS: Welcome to the great world of airsoft! :P
thanks Gunny_McSmith iam still trying to be verifed i just want to know a good place to start looking for a gun i would buy used put ive paintballed for years
and dont really like buying used

why do we need to be verifed for airsoft and not paintball?(iam new to airsoft havent play a game put shot some for a few sec when i droped by the paintball field )
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