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Originally Posted by tehmedic View Post
LOLWUT? way to just copy paste someone else's post. and great vid. i've watched this a couple times while i'm cleaning just incase i missed something.
Originally Posted by FullMetal79 View Post
hahaha quote failed!

Anyway thanks for the video it was very instructive.
You two look at his signature.

Originally Posted by gearbox monkey423 View Post
does it have to be silicon lube would gun oil work ?.
Just to add on what Six4 said, RC shock oil is 100% pure silicone oil. Go to an RC shop and ask for 15-25 wt. RC Shock Oil. A 4 oz bottle of "Factory Team" Shock oil cost me $5 CAD IIRC.

EDIT: I just realized that those posts were made in Summer, and Gearbox Monkeys post was made like half a month ago but still that info is still correct....
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