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Originally Posted by six4 View Post
The picture quality isnt as good as the contour but the GoPro comes with waterproof,dustproof,shockproof case at no extra charge.5mp still camera single shot or every 3-5 sec until memory card is full or battery dies.No wind noise or very low noise plus the price was right ( used from a friend $150.00 )
you can adjust the sound noise to your liking with contour. I got the VholdR ContourHD Waterproof Case with Tripod Mount + O-Ring Silicone Grease for free by the way. Its one of their promotion
The contour itself is already shock proof, even get's better with the waterproof case I got . Plus if it gets hits with BB's, you can buy the replacement lenses.

Well I guess you cant go wrong with $150 hehehe plus its 1080p
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