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Originally Posted by six4 View Post
My Magix editing program goes as high as 1920x1080 but in order to preserve the HD playback you need blue-ray,yup bring your checkbook because you will need a blu-ray burner$$ blu-ray player-and the 25gb blu-ray disc's to be a true HD video. Magix's is what I have been using for all my video creations ( SD+HD vids ) and I would recommend it but I havent used anything else so I can give no other recommendation. I also have ZERO HD burning experience as none of my camera's are High Def and I only had my contour for a few months. Now I'm using the GoPro Hero Wide
( sd version ) and I recommend it over the contour.
thanks for the program, ill download that later this week when im done my exam. Why did you switch to GoPro Hero wide by the way? When you can have the Contour HD 1080p and its much more smaller and lighter than the GoPro Cam.
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