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Originally Posted by cjboi View Post
ya I notice that... every time I upload a 1080p video onto windows movie maker, it comes out as 420p. Do you know a good video maker? that can handle contour 1080p? Also I want to put music on the video. I can only think of windows movie maker hehe. Your right Easy edit is just a program to upload your video from the cam directly to your comp. Other than that, its a cheap program
My Magix editing program goes as high as 1920x1080 but in order to preserve the HD playback you need blue-ray,yup bring your checkbook because you will need a blu-ray burner$$ blu-ray player-and the 25gb blu-ray disc's to be a true HD video. Magix's is what I have been using for all my video creations ( SD+HD vids ) and I would recommend it but I havent used anything else so I can give no other recommendation. I also have ZERO HD burning experience as none of my camera's are High Def and I only had my contour for a few months. Now I'm using the GoPro Hero Wide
( sd version ) and I recommend it over the contour.

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