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Originally Posted by lukeseandavies View Post
That's quite a big fail. I have to say i've never asked permission to fire i just lit them up
yeah...what a fail !

Originally Posted by Diabolic Tyrant View Post
You realize that airsoft is a GAME right? This isn't Afghanistan :P
you know...when you are SOOO in the game ?!

Originally Posted by lukeseandavies View Post
Maybe he thought he was in afghan :P Still a pretty big fail though. But not the worst ;D keep them coming lads. At 2:27am this is pretty funny ;D I don't ask permission...I just shoot

Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
That's what you get for trying to knife a ninja.
NICE call !!

BTW got a new embarrassing moment ! Last game, rawdon field...I field my new TAVOR TAR21, I got in deep shit being shot at by every directions, but I finally manage to get my ass out of that shit so I ran like a crazy, then I feel my hand going back on the grip so aware of the first issue of TAR's I stop and look mag is on the ground so I grab it and continue running thinking that my team mates had retreated, but then I stop in front of two tangos...with my TAR in my right hand...and my full mag in my left hand. They laughed at me and one guy shot two rounds just in front of me while looking at me with his face saying: you'r a dead men...

I NEED to fix that mag release problem...I always lose mags
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