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Originally Posted by six4 View Post
You will find that "easy edit" is just this side of useless for editing,it's ok for barebones editing but is seriously lacking any real editing features. Windows movie maker wont handle the .mov file of the contour especially the large 1080 file format. Plus if you want to burn your footage to DVD your footage will be downgraded as current DVD's ( if memory serves ) playback in SD 480i
other than that the contour is a very good product.
ya I notice that... every time I upload a 1080p video onto windows movie maker, it comes out as 420p. Do you know a good video maker? that can handle contour 1080p? Also I want to put music on the video. I can only think of windows movie maker hehe. Your right Easy edit is just a program to upload your video from the cam directly to your comp. Other than that, its a cheap program
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