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I own a KWA ptp sig p226 and it is gorgeous. It is full metal except for the outer barrel which from what I read at KWAUSA is to minimize wear on the metal slide. I personally like the aesthetics of the KWA sig mags over TM/KJW because I see more real p226R's with the thin metal plate as opposed to the thicker bumper on TM. The real deal-maker is that you can pretty much get most of the replacement parts you need from KWAUSA and I have gotten some parts that I think will wear from them. So far, I have replaced the slide stop once and it has been going for almost two years for me know. It is my go-to stress and field gun. I don't abuse it but it don't pamper it nearly as much as my TM's, KSC's, and WA's because it can take the rougher handling.

The con's are of course the lack of aftermarket parts for it. But that's why I have a Hi capa

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