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Hm..probably when on one of my first days I was running and didn't see a rope on the ground. Somehow caught it, faceplanted and almost snapped my MP5 in half.

Actually nope, not my worst moment. I was go solo for one round, I believe it was a mini-milsim. There were a bunch of new guys that hadn't learnt the ropes too much, so I killed them and went on my way. All of the sudden, BRAP BRAP BRAP. I hear a good friend of mine laying down with his GBB M249. I was like, -GASP- PERFECT CHANCE TO KNIFE HIM. I went so sneaky up to about 15 feet away where my nerves got the best of me and I sprinted. Needless to say, he stopped firing at the same time, flipped over, put his leg up in the air and I ended up running into it as I slid at him to get the knife. My knife got KICKED. out of my hand, he grabbed it and ended up knifing me.

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