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Airsoft guns and Real firearms don't really co-mingle bud. There are MED's involved, which is a certain distance which can make upgraded airsoft rifles very dangerous to use. Get a stock TM for your first gun, people don't trust newbies with hot guns right off of the bat anyway. Just because a gun is shooting twice as fast doesn't mean its better than its stock predecessor. You'll still be using a very effective gun upgraded or not, take the safe route and learn to play on a 'softer platform' so to speak.

As for the WE M14.

The thing is fucking finnickey as hell, but I love it. To get it shooting top notch it'll require a bit of an RA-Tech touch, but out of the box its quite skirmishable. Just as any GBBR, they are expensive all around, as you're looking up to 700 dollars for a new WE M14, and spend up to 40 - 50 dollars per magazine.

Upgrades should run you to about 150 - 200 dollars.

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