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GBB : KWA KP45 vs KJW P226

As the title say, I'm hesitating between those two GBB pistol...

I'm aware that the KP45 is far superior that the KJW sig in term of internals and assembly but I found the P226 totally gorgeous. Oh, and I'm talking of the full black/metal ones, not the clearsoft ones.

I would like to hear for peoples that has owned those and tested is... and know how to correctly maintain it (mostly all review that I can find is either "omg this pistol is super reliable... I'm gonna test-fire it for the first time soon" or "this pistol is pure crap, even if I use top-grade virgin olive oil to lube it" ... if you see what I mean )

Main question : ok the KWA is superior but... as a backup weapon that I will nearly never use... is it more satisfying to pick something that you feel good with it rather than pure performance ?

No, no TM version... those two brands are easier (or more "legal" if we can say that hum...) to find for me.

Thanks !
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