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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Holy contrived shit, really?

If it's not opened just sell the bag and get another.

If not just use the .30s. I've used .30s in a AEP (TM MP7 with tightbore) and saw a major increase in range after proper hopup adjustment.

This whole upgrading/modifying the gun for a bag of BBs is complete bullshit.
I agree 100% with Drake. You don't need to do anything with 0.3g BBs other than set a more agressive hopup setting. That's all. They need more backspin than lighter BBs to maintain a level flight path because of their weight.

Of course, they'll travel slower because of the extra weight, but you'll get much better range and accuracy (once the hopup is set) than you would with .25. And for outdoors, the heavier BBs have the extra advantage of having better brush penetration and will be less affected by wind and random air currents, which will result in better accuracy at range. That's why sniper always run .3g as a minimum for their rifles.

Guaranteed, if .3 weren't so damn expensive (on average, 3-4x the price), I'd be running them in all my guns, all the time. I stick with .28 because they're close to .3g in terms of performance and are much more affordable. But my pistols run .3g exclusively since I don't use much ammo there. I can outrange short and mid-length AEGs (shooting .25) with .3 in my pistols, and I'm just as accurate as they are at the far end of my effective range.

So yeah, be happy you got yourself a good deal there. It was a retailer error in your favour.
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