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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
That's pretty much what I'd expect seeing with a big LiPo (although maybe not as quick as 5000 rounds: the completely burnt-through contact is impressive)

Install a MOSFET in the gun.

Also move this to the Doctor's Corner if you want to keep discussing the repairs: don't threadjack your own review thread with this.
The threads in a bit of a shambles, (the actual review, food, repairs) I'm pretty much done with it then.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Hey Abanana, am I good or what? :P
Didn't doubt your diagnosis, had to see it for myself.

Originally Posted by coachster View Post
not unexpected with an 11.1v lipo. only unexpected in that few rounds.

use a mosfet or rewire with an ASCU
Originally Posted by Gunny_McSmith View Post
Dude, thats not a problem with the seller, its the fact that you are using a Lipo without electrical upgrades, get a Mosfet unit...
Originally Posted by sushicake View Post
told you it was the contacts, seen this problem 3 times already on VFC's
I knew it was a contact issue, Dark told me that weeks ago, didn't blame the seller, I'm aware what lipo does to guns, you'd figure a VFC might be a bit tougher.
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