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Yeah I know, I do enjoy the fact that it's a TM though, I expected to have to dump shit tons of money into it, just not after the first game haha.
I haven't gotten AV'd yet for multiple reasons (I am over 18, so no that's not a reason why) So looking at better guns wasn't all that possible for me.
Still, I don't regret it. Your first airsoft gun always holds that special place in your life, mine more so financially on what little I get paid haha.
But you have to admit, one of the joys of owning an airsoft gun has to be that feeling once you add a specific mod to it, then when you can't wait to game it next to test out how much better it is

Jeeze we've gone way off topic haha.
Last question, as usual my guns front wired, I was looking at this bundle package on airsoftparts that has a crane stock + 9.6v battery that comes with it, but no buffer tube. I want to rear wire it, would I need to get a completely different buffer tube as well? I'm wondering cause I have no clue how rear wiring a crane stock works. And I would prefer to buy the parts my self to give to the doc instead of them just using random parts I don't know about (The doc works at Poco Military)
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