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I wanted to cry at the end of this game but...
So We're playing defend the airfield at bigfoot in mission. Setting up our defensive line, we come under fire before we were fully set up, or at least I wasn't... a bb flies right by my face, I could literally hear the bb fly by as it cut a line through my hair. I lose my balance, trip over the small plastic wall with a window that was covering my back. Broke that, and I didn't notice the pin above my grip fell out some how... So as I stand back up about to return fire, I see the whole front of my gun fall down. As the top of my receiver decided to come off, I then see a shower of bbs fly straight up out of my gun, half of which ended up hitting me on the way down... In a defeated and shamed tone I call out and walk off the field.
Then during the next round (Luckily it was the last round) I'm about to pop a tango hiding in the bush when all I hear is RRRRRR... I the gun doc later told me I had destroyed the bushings in my gear box, which ended up ripping HALF of the teeth on one gear CLEAN off (couldn't tell that there used to be teeth there), and on the other gear in my mechbox you could see the teeth gradually degrade till they were gone.
I kinda felt proud of what I managed to do, pics available if interested haha
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