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haha, same thing happened to me few weeks ago... :P

So, it was around 7-8, we got a call at our house, and my sister picked up the phone, and after 2 minutes, she passed it to me saying " I cant understand a word that he's saying"

So I took the line, and the dude started to talk, with a heavy Indian accent (I was used to listenning to Russell Peters, so I could understand what he was

"Hi, I'm calling on behalf of Bell Canada, and you have been chosen to get a special offer for a cell phone contract, including :
- Unlimited International calls
- Unlimited Local and national calls
- Unlimited txt
- Unlimited 3g internet
.... (list goes on and on)
And all that for only 25$/ month!"
(really? Canada is considered the 3rd world for cellphones and internet.... and a contract like that is sketchy, but meh, let's see what else does he wants)

"And we'll also send you the new LG 3G smartphone for absolutely free!"


"but for that, we'll need few informations about you.... first, what is your name.... second your Date of Birth.... and Third, whats is your Driver's license number" (WTF? you want to send me something and you dont ask about my address?)

While he was trying to lure me into his scam, I had my laptop next to me, and was googling for all this, and found few websites reporting the same scam attempt...
So, I figured, let's mess with him, and waste his time...

So, when I was saying that I didnt feel too comfortable with tellingthat kind of info on the phone, he kept insisting that he was really from Bell, and that he was located in Alberta , that I could get a number to call back, and his employee number, (Yeah, no shit sherlock, anyone can give me a fake untraceable number, and Alberta is a province not a City...)
But he kept on insisting...

So, knowing he was a scammer, I decided to test him, to see if he was really canadian... by asking some security national questions that only a real canadian could know the answers to

First one was " Whats the name of our prime minister"
Second one: "Whats the capital of Canada"

And every time I asked those questions, he demanded me to repeat, because the line was supposedly cutting, but I could hear his keyboard in the background, (he was googling the answers), and after 1 long minute, he told me the answer with the same tone as a child that is proud to have finally found the answer to

And third question was "What are the two official languages in Canada?"

Same shit, and he finally tells me "French and English right?".... "ok then, if those are our official languages, and you're calling from Bell Canada, I would like a service in FRENCH.....

Indian scammer start to panic, and start reading me really fast, a message saying something like this: (yes you can tell when someone is reading of talking to you)

"we are sorry, but all our French and SPANISH reps are on vacation, will be back next monday"

SPANISH? really? I didnt ask about a service in Spanish....

Then I just told the dude that he was a scammer, and hung up.... never heard back from him... :P

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